USF's College of Pharmacy may lose half its budget

8:49 PM, Feb 29, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Fla. -- USF's College of Pharmacy is so new, just a year old, that the afternoon class is filled with all of its 53 students.

The college may begin its second year this August with half of its $6.4 million budget with the Senate proposing a $3 million cut.

"That would totally decimate everything we've been able to accomplish," says Dr. Kevin Sneed, Dean for the USF's College of Pharmacy.

"My concern is keeping the staff, the educated staff that we have," says Mary Munchalfen, 24, a student at the college.

"It's a significant cut especially to research," adds Nathan Seligson, 22, another student.

The cuts would come as the college grows to 75 new students enrolled for this fall.

USF senior Jay Panchal, 23, says if he's accepted by the college he still plans to attend despite any cuts.

"I love the program. I love the curriculum," he says.

The college's Dean Dr. Kevin Sneed says they will need to add about eight new faculty members for the year.

"We are building a curriculum for next year, next year begin building a third year. We need people in order to do that," Dean Sneed says.

And the only government body asking for cuts he says is the Senate.

"I remain confident cooler heads will prevail. The state of Florida will maintain commitment to this College of Pharmacy," he says.

Jay hopes state leaders fund the school.

"Please fund this university. I will be the future pharmacist that may one day help you."

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