Great Hang Up: Multi-tasking could make you blind!

10:17 AM, Apr 28, 2011   |    comments
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Our brains are incredible organs, but they can only handle so much information at one time.

And that's the argument against distracted driving.  If you're busy using a phone, you can easily miss something important in front of you when you're driving.

Do you think you're the exception to the rule?  

Click on this link to take a video test.  

Go ahead, watch the video.  We'll wait for you!

The goal of the video was to count the number of times the players in white passed the ball to each other.

If you counted 16 passes, you were right!

But did you see the gorilla that walked in the middle of the basketball players?

When you know what to look for, it's obvious.  But the psychologists who created the test at the University of Illinois found that half the people who watched the video didn't notice the gorilla.  And if they did, they probably didn't see one of the players in black leave the game or the color of the curtain change from red to gold.

Psychologists say the test demonstrates working memory capacity--which measures how well people can keep their brains tuned in to many things at once.  Most of us can't handle too much information.  And that's why people using their phones while driving end up runing stop signs or getting into fender benders or even worse.

Share the video with your family and friends and see if they notice the gorilla in their midst.  And make sure you share the information about how dangerous distracted driving can be.

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